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How to Provide Your Workers with the Right Safety Gear and Equipment for Fastening Projects

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One out of five of all worker fatalities in 2016 was in construction. All jobs in the construction industry involve some danger, but with the right safety gear and equipment, that danger can be reduced.

Construction fastening will always be a part of any project, whether residential or commercial. For this kind of work, safety is a big concern. As the boss, you want your people to come home safely to their families.

Even if the construction workplace has safety measures built in, things can and do happen. The law requires that employers outfit their workers with personal protective equipment (PPE). It’s their last line of defense against construction mishaps.

PPE gives your workers the confidence to work efficiently. To learn how to provide safety gear and equipment for a construction fasteners project, read on.

The Fatal Four

Four types of accidents were the leading causes of death in construction in 2016. These are falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and caught in-between. Caught in-between is defined as deaths due to getting caught in or compressed by equipment, objects, or a collapsing structure.

Falls account for the majority of construction work-related deaths at 38.7%. Struck by objects is second at 9.4%, followed by electrocutions (8.3%) and caught in-between (7.3%).

To outfit people with the right gear and equipment for a construction fasteners project, we must focus on the fatal four. If we avoid or mitigate the damage from these types of accidents, we can save 631 workers’ lives in America annually.

Special Mention: The Hard Hat

The hard hat offers protection against all of the fatal four.

In case of a fall or if rolled over by a lift truck, the chance of survival increases if the worker has a properly worn hard hat. It shields your head from falling objects and insulates from electric shock.


A cat always lands on its feet, but unfortunately for us, we don’t have this ability. Fastening is a job that takes place at any height, from house roofs to the steel beams of a skyscraper.

Protection from falls starts with the right foot gear. It’s important to have flat, non-slip shoes when climbing up ladders or stairways.

When working at heights with great risks of falling, such as boom lifts or fixed ladders more than twenty-four feet high, your employees should be equipped with Personal Fall Arrest Systems. These include a full-body harness, lanyards, anchors, and connectors.

Struck by Object

Flying particles are everywhere when drilling construction fasteners into concrete or wood. Ask your workers to wear safety glasses, dust masks, and respirators based on expected hazards.

Crush toe injuries can be prevented by wearing steel-toed or composite-toed boots.


Since we use our hands so frequently in construction, it’s not surprising that the hands are the most commonly injured body part at the job site.

Hands are susceptible to accidental contact with electricity. Your employees should wear insulated gloves and sleeves when exposed to electrical hazards.

Always have employees wear the right gloves for the job. For concrete work, heavy-duty rubber gloves are more appropriate.

Caught In-Between

Caught in-between hazards include cave-ins, excavation hazards, body parts caught in unguarded machinery, and getting caught between equipment and fixed objects.

As previously mentioned, hard hats are a life-saver in these situations.

However, more important than gear is proper training of your workers to prevent these types of accidents from happening.

Construction Fasteners Done the Right Way

At Automated Fastening Systems, we think highly of the safety of your employees. In addition to supplying the best screws for a fastening project, we also have approved safety equipment to protect your workers.

Contact us now for a free quote for all of your fastening and safety equipment needs.

Automated Fastening Systems has been in the business of high-quality tools and fasteners since 1982. We stock a wide variety of specialty fasteners, anchors, power tools and accessories for commercial as well as residential construction. Our years of experience and our highly trained sales staff help us to determine the proper tool or fastener for your job.

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